Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ants, Ants Everywhere

So yesterday (Saturday) was our 'free day', so we went to the beach. We've been near the coast line the whole trip, but Ghana doesn't have a whole lot of nice, swimming beaches. So the fact that we're supposedly a 10 minute walk from the beach at the lodge, does not in-fact mean that there is anything worth seeing or doing at the beach. So we've never gone there.

But yesterday we piled all ten of us, 4 pastors, Francis, and 2 kids into our sweet ride (the van) and headed an hour to the 'nicest beach in Ghana'. It was a pretty nice beach, and had it not been for the high waves, there probably would have been other people swimming too. However, apparently only American's visiting Ghana and wanting to say they swam in the Atlantic Ocean off of Africa are crazy enough to go swimming in those waves. (Don't worry, they weren't THAT big...) But they did make for some pretty good wave-riding and we spent several hours there, then returned back to Mercy Lodge.

If you've been keeping up with the 'Shaving Nate's Head Story', you know that we have surpassed 15 affirmative votes. Last count, including 10 from Team Sahara, we had 27. So last night after a dinner of dry chicken (which we've begun to affectionately refer to as 'turkey jerky') and rice we set out to cut hair with the clippers I brought with me. However, in our excitement and joy of the adventure, we failed to look and make sure the clippers would ACTUALLY work on 220-240 V....they didn't. So no shaved heads and burnt up hair clippers saddened the mood.

But today we're headed to a barber to get it done right! We were told they could do all 4 of the guys who are shaving their heads for about $2 a head!!! That's amazingly cheap. I guess it helps when there's a barber (or two) on every corner! (See, I learned something from Economics!)

But I'll let Jake write more about the barber stories later when he writes up today's post!! (remember, this is YESTERDAY'S post!) Until then, enjoy!

God Bless,


  1. You guys are awesome! God is awesome! I am praying for you all!

  2. Life is a beach! You have collected a rare beach for your beach collection. Love the salt. Jac's Dad