Sunday, May 10, 2009

ghanaian barber shops with Beverly...does that rhyme with Kimberly?!?

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers who are following the blog!!! Thanks for being great! =)

So today was the day that Nate finally shaved his head...along with Matt, Seth and I. But that was by far the highlight of our Mother's Day Sunday. Our group was assigned to 6 Churches in the area. 6 does not divide equally into 10 so some of us had to go to churches on our own. Christina and Marty were a team, Jac and Nate, Emily and Matt, Kim and Mel...leaving Seth and I to go and preach alone. This was told to us the night before so we were all well prepared. At lunch, we all reflected on how our mornings went. Everyone seemed to have a great morning and we all received gifts from our churches for our service and dedication to them. The gifts received were all different but had the same, amazing intetions of giving from the heart! Tonight we went headquarters, Grace and Faith Church, to meet with some youth and have a fun, free time. We told jokes, played charades, and just simply fellowshipped with one another. It was a very relaxing night for all of us. Only a few more days left here in Ghana then we fly out for home. God has done and is doing an amazing work here in Ghana. Speaking on behalf of the team, we are extremely thankful that He chose us to come and preach the Good News to these people. Our time is not over so keep checking the blog for more updates!



  1. boys don't forget to put sunscreen on those newly shaved heads!!

  2. haha jake you finally got a shaved head and good news you're going to get your tan now! :) but glad i dont have to see it....just kidding *kinda*

  3. Look at the shaving of your heads as a symbol of your incredible pilgrimage to Ghana: the land of rhythm and joy! Your blog certainly reads like a modern version of the Canterbury Tales. Ha! Ha! Stay focused. Keep your eye on the ball! Love you, Jac. Jac's Dad

  4. Wear a hat Matt!

    Hey, that was like a Dr. Seuss rhyme...

    Love reading the blogs!

  5. You guys look great.. that is diffently a memory, How many other groups can say they shved their heads in Africa... Enjoy your last few days there and have a safe trip home. Love youns all Jakes mom