Tuesday, May 12, 2009


To preface today's post:
Several off us were really disappointed, yesterday, when we heard that we are only going to spend an hour in the Grace and Faith Elementary Academy.

We were woke up an hour earlier than we had all expected this morning because Mel-shine worked some magic, and found out that we could go hang out with the kids as quick as we could get ready. Woot Woot, I was pumped. We were able to get ready rather quickly, and we were off. Several of us got to teach the students, but it was extremely dificult, because it wasn't exactly what we had expected. It was the childrens first day of school, so it was wild and chaotic anyways. We also got to hand out several gifts that we brought for the kids, so we got to hang out and play with the kids after they ate lunch.

This afternoon, most of us slept, but a several girls got their hair braided and corn-rowed.

This evening we had a dinner "Program" with Pasor Daniel. He expressed his thanks to us many many many times. It was a very special and memorible time spent with "Mamme and Papa" aka Pastor Daniel and his wife. He gave us a few things to rememeber Ghana by, as if any of us will soon forget this trip. Everytime there is a gift given, there is a program that goes with it, only to show appreciation of the gift.

Moms and Dads that flipped out when you read the title; No worries, we still have them. We are all sad that tonight is our last night in Ghana, so if we were to lose our passports for a week, we wouldn't hate it. Its been an amazing trip thus far. Our team has become a family. We have each grown in ways we couldn't even imagine. The people here have blessed us in so many ways. Our prayer now, that a seed has been planted in many hearts, is that they continue to grow in thier faith, and make Jesus Christ thier personal Lord and Savior.

I hope you all have enjoyed the blog, as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.


  1. What a blessing for the team to experience the country, the people and each other.

    Now get home safe! We are looking forward to the stories and pictures (all 2343 of them).

  2. I might hate it if you stayed another week--though, I have gotten pretty good at making home videos to send to a certain someone there! :) I am praying you have a safe trip back to the great state of Kansas. Oh, and speaking of corn. . .how about some pictures of the corn rows?!?! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We are sure you have grown years of wisdom in just a couple of weeks. Time is man's creation. God's glory is omnipresent and he folds time at will. Bonne Voyage and God bless you. Jac's Dad